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  1. Me three! I also did my undergraduate degree in linguistics. I did my post-bacc classes at Portland State, and I based the classes I took on their graduate school admission requirements because they were my first pick. I looked at my other top choices too and tried to make sure I fulfilled their requirements. At PSU as far as I recall there was no specific post-bacc program, I just enrolled as an unmatriculated, non-degree seeking student. I ended up going to Idaho State for my master's, which was my back-up so I didn't really focus on their requirements. I got a phone call from them le
  2. I went to Portland State and I didn't find it terribly rigorous. I was able to do slightly over half-time and continue working about 30 hours a week, if that gives you any idea. You might want to try universities that offer a MA vs. a MS. I've heard that those programs tend to be less science-focused (which I assume would trickle down to their undergrad classes). I can't vouch for how true that is, it's but it might be worth considering.
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