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  1. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone else hear back from UCF I know a bunch of people that heard and I know the admissions board is waiting for people to accept and decline their offers so they can accept more people. I just wanted to know if someone was on the same boat as me and hasn’t heard anything back.
  2. I’m involved in many volunteer things at my school I just signed up for the language learning center for the whole semester and I am starting to shadow an slp next week! So excited for that. I also work as an afterscbools counselor so I am around kids every single day. I’m trying to build up my resume as much as possible.
  3. Hello everybody!g I am currently a senior at UCF and have been starting my applications. I have already gotten all of my letters of rec but i am scared for my GPA and GRE scores. I Graduate next spring and I still have time to raise my GPA with my fall grades to send transcripts to schools. My GPA right now is a 3.2 cumulative and a 3.4 major GPA. My GRE scores are V145 Q141 AW3. I know these are the best Gpa and gre scores but Im taking the GRE again in September and Have another semester to raise my GPA. I have worked for an after school program for the past 4 years and will start a ne
  4. Is someone able to read my first paragraph of my letter of intent? Im doing it little by little but I want the first paragraph to be perfect before I continue
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