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  1. Gotcha! It never hurts to apply! ☺️
  2. Sorry to hear! Was that for the advanced standing?
  3. I know some Acceptances for WLU foundations part time online were sent last Wednesday early evening so hopefully that means advanced standings will come then too! Hang in there and good luck!
  4. I just received my WLU offer! May 2021 Part-time.....Wow!!! A bit in shock....Check your emails!!!
  5. If checking the WLU admissions page is considered an indication of eagerness Im a shoe in haha Hopefully we all hear soon - please post when you are notified! good luck all
  6. Thank you for sharing this info! Glad to hear the "end" of the waiting is almost here...but so nervous. Have most of you applied for Fall 2021 intake? I have been putting it off pending hearing back.
  7. Did you apply for advanced standing or non-bsw?
  8. UGH! Thanks for letting us know.....Im just dying to find out!
  9. What is the FIFSW and when in the start date?
  10. Mmm interesting! Hope the change means things are at least under review!!!!! The wait is agonizing
  11. So of course I have been checking the WLU LORIS site what seems like every hour after finding out we would be hearing "sometime" after January 11th (I applied for part-time non-BSW). I noticed this morning that under "action required" it changed to Document Received: No Further Action Required)...Hopeful things are in motion! Hang in there and Good Luck!
  12. I emailed my WLU enrollment advisor and she said that "... applicants should receive decisions sometime after January 11th. You will be sent an email letting you know a decision had been made regarding your application and instructing you to check your LORIS. Where your application was previously located - a decision will be posted there. Ensure to check your spam/junk mail folder"
  13. I sure hope so too!!!!! Please post if you hear anything!
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