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  1. This is such solid advice. My area of interest is so small, I only applied to three schools, and even then, it hardly fit. I kind of had to make fetch happen. Forcing big squares into tiny circles isn’t great, lol. Anyways, NCSU CRDM ended up being my top choice because of the interdisciplinary approach. I have a POI who is really interested in my work (though you don’t technically need a POI for this program), however, the funding for her project currently aligned to my research runs out this summer. Funding is a huge detriment for me and this program for sure. Their packages don’t
  2. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing details about when you received your letter & what format (emailed decision, email to check portal, snail mail)? the letter stated that there was a record number of admissions, meaning they admitted more/plan to admit more than the normal 12-14, or was this meant to say applications/applicants?
  3. Someone already explained it well— it’s still early. But also, a few grad directors have posted on Reddit giving the advice NOT to reach out (which I agree with). They’re likely being bombarded with emails at this moment. There are hundreds of applicants who are also waiting. Reaching out could potentially give the impression that you think your application should be placed at a higher priority than everyone else’s and you need a response before they’re sent out to everyone. I don’t think anyone wants to be perceived in that way.
  4. Seems we’re all in the UPenn boat. It isn’t my top choice, but are you really a Comms PhD candidate if you didn’t apply to UPenn? 😂 I heard from the director of my top program today (he responded back to a totally unrelated email I sent about legos weeks ago). He mentioned that they’re trying to get decisions out the latter-half of the month. Last years’ results started rolling in on the first Thursday and Friday of the month (so essentially today and tomorrow). I had my hopes that I would know before next week. Oh well. I’ll continue playing the waiting game.
  5. No, I don’t recommend reaching out. I would imagine that they’re receiving a ton of inquiries right now. It’s still early.
  6. Seems to be a ton of action today! If you applied to UNC Hussman, check your portal. I received a rejection today. It was a bit shocking as this is the school that I had the most contact with faculty and students alike. For context, I did apply for the Park Fellowship and wouldn’t have accepted an offer without that award. I’m not sure if funding decisions and admissions decisions go hand in hand, but for the sake of archiving information for future applicants, I wanted to include that information. This deadline was on December 15 and I heard back on today, January 29. I received an
  7. I ask because my programs seem to vary in terms of how they handle first year students. One program doesn’t match us with a POI initially. They told us that they expect us to transform over time and find other topics we’re interested in based on courses that we take. Students there shared that they changed their research interests vastly throughout their matriculation. I guess my concern lies in the programs that are not (or rather, may not be) as fluid. I’d hate to be matched with a POI based on what’s in my SOP and end up leaning towards another topic that they are not familiar wit
  8. Anyone else have a variety of research interests but focused on one for the purpose of streamlining your thoughts in your SOP? Are you worried about how that will play out should you get accepted under a specific POI but end up leaning towards the other research topic through your matriculation? Both of my interests fall under digital media for sure, but kind of vary, lol.
  9. I’m in the middle of a convo over on Reddit re: sharing the names of POIs and I just wanted to express gratitude to our group here. Everyone has been so supportive, (seemingly) genuinely happy for others’ acceptances, collaborative and non-competitive. Even though some of us are applying to the same programs (and even spoke with the same POIs), I firmly believe everyone will end up exactly where they belong. 💖🦄
  10. Congratulations, Brian! I don’t expect to hear back from programs until February.
  11. UNC Hussman. I spoke to a variety of people from departmental faculty to current students to alum to other various faculty in the centers & such and it simply felt like home. Everyone was so nice & incredibly transparent. ETA: one of their substantive focal areas of study is in law/policy which intersects with my research interests.
  12. Same for Jessa Lingel! Out of the PIs I spoke to across multiple programs, she was definitely top three for me. UPenn isn’t my number one choice though.
  13. Ah, we do have similar interests! Which POI at UPenn did you look into if you don’t mind my asking?
  14. I ended up applying to NC State instead of Penn State based on my interactions with faculty. Is UNC the only program on my list that conducts interviews? I haven’t seen anything about UPenn doing so. NC State’s CRDM program has an informational zoom session next week that I got the email for today. The application deadline is next Friday, the 15. It seems odd to do a session like this so late. I wonder if they had fewer applications. Up until recently, the program website required the GRE then suddenly, it was updated saying it wasn’t required this cycle (some pages still ar
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