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  1. I had a similar issue where my middle name wasn't mentioned in my given name on the i20. Out of caution, I emailed the DSO, and they issued a new i20 within a day with the corrected given name. I just decided to do it because it's better to be on the safe side, I guess.
  2. I said yes and mentioned that my master's was biological lab sciences to justify that. I think it should be fine. As for the second question, I didn't mention high school actually. I think they only ask for postsecondary education, which is whatever is beyond high school.
  3. Congratulations!! That’s a good number to choose from then. I can understand why you’re waiting for BCM and MT Anderson as they’re top programs, but thankfully, you’ll be attending a PhD program in the fall anyway. Congrats! I hope everything works out greatly for you 😊
  4. Thanks! I got into the CCIB program at Rutgers Camden. It was totally unexpected, and I feel so grateful and blessed to get the opportunity. I was starting to get antsy before cuz IBMG was my only chance. How about you? What other offers did you get?
  5. Got waitlisted too!! It seems they were sending offers before too. Are you planning to wait it out or will you accept other offers?
  6. Got waitlisted too! I got an offer last night for another program so now I’m torn. I’ll wait it out and see 😂
  7. Oh it’s good you heard back! I imagine a lot of people are emailing them so they’re not responding to everyone yet. Fingers crossed that everything plays out this coming week! I really didn’t think we’d be getting decisions in March for an interview early in Jan... I hope all of us hear good news!
  8. Oh that’s a tough one, but yeah you can try doing that! Honestly all this waiting is playing with my nerves...
  9. That’s what I want to know too! I haven’t heard back either. I emailed them on Tuesday to ask for an update, but they haven’t replied back to me yet 😕 it’s really weird...
  10. I think if they started sending offers, then they’re doing so slowly because there is only 1 result on the results page. Idk maybe they’re sending offers on a rolling basis. I’m banking on IBMG so this whole waiting game has gotten my nerves skyrocketing through the roof.
  11. Congrats on the offer! Hope we get the same luck too 🙏🏽
  12. Has anyone heard back from Indiana’s IBMG? Someone posted on the results page, but I haven’t heard anything yet 😕
  13. I interviewed for IBMG, and they sent an email last week to give an update that they’ll start sending offers by end of this week, so fingers crossed!
  14. Has anyone applied to the Rutgers Camden Integrative and Computational Biology program? Anyone had interviews or have an idea of what it’s like?
  15. I got a rejection from the Rutgers Molecular Biosciences (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics track) program 2 days ago, and a few hours later, I received an email inviting me to extend my application to their Integrative and Computational Biology Program at Rutgers Camden. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have an idea about what the program is like? The website says there's an 8% acceptance rate, so I'm quite skeptical, especially since I wouldn't consider myself a stellar applicant. I'm just tired at this point, and I don't want to be led along by false hope. Any advice?
  16. Oh same here! Hope it works out for the both of us!
  17. Same here! I’m totally in love with the program so I hope it works out. Best of luck! Which field of research are you interested in?
  18. I interviewed with them, and I’m still waiting too. I keep refreshing my email and the results page so many times already but nothing so far 😕
  19. The waiting can really be a torture! Hope you hear back soon from your programs. It’s alright! The rejection hurt when I first got it but I got over it, especially since it wasn’t my first choice anyway. I just finished an interview for a program a few days ago and I’m praying that one works out. And thanks! Hope you get into your program of choice!
  20. I got rejected for the IMV track before new year so don’t worry, you still stand a chance!
  21. Hi! Has anyone done the interview for indiana's ibmg program today/yesterday (January 5th)? How did it go and what was it like? Mine is on Friday, and I just wanted to see if anyone can share their experience.
  22. Yep I haven’t heard from them either. I don’t think Harvard has sent out any invites yet because the results page would have been flooded otherwise. Probably some people trolling on the results page about getting invites so let’s hang in there!
  23. I picked a date because I figured that there probably wouldn’t be an interview from other universities held any earlier than that anyway. I think it’s safe enough to pick one! Good luck!
  24. Wow we actually have a lot of similarities! I'm an international student with a MSc in microbiology from the UK, and I'm applying for microbiology/immunology programs as well. I'm applying to Harvard (BBS, Immunology, BPH), Indiana, Vanderbilt, Rochester, Cornell (microbiology), Baylor COM, Rutgers (Microbial Biology and Molecular Biosciences), Michigan State, Northwestern DGP, Penn State (BMMB), Buffalo, Augusta, and Nebraska Medical Center. I also received an invitation from Indiana so far. I'm looking forward to it! Which date did you pick? I chose January 8th.
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