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  1. people who have received 0 interviews so far, you might have applied for the most competitive programs and they’re not always the ones with the most opportunities for you. take a look at smaller programs and the POIs there that are involved in what you’re interested in, you’ll be surprised how many smaller programs do amazing research too. That being said, look for rolling admissions programs if you really would like to be in a program next fall. UTHSC is rolling until march 1 i believe and i’m sure there are others
  2. does anyone know if UC berkeley is done sending out invites? i know they sent some a while ago so unsure if I should assume it’s a rejection (or they do waitlists)
  3. have my first initial interview with UTHSC today! any pointers?
  4. is it safe to say its a rejection if i haven't gotten any invite from UCSF?
  5. VCU is jan 1st and UTHSC has rolling (atleast for memphis)
  6. Haven’t gotten one from VT, hopefully they aren’t done sending invitations! Did receive an invitation from UVA though, no where else yet
  7. I did too! Do you guys know what the chances are of getting into a school if you get an interview?
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