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  1. I submitted it the day of the deadline, interview is Jan 20-22nd. Early, early early. Sorry to hear about your rejection too
  2. I'm wondering this as well... Also, recieved a rejection yesterday from WashU DBBS Immuno
  3. Those who have heard from UCSD BMS, what research area did you specify in your application?
  4. I got an invite from IMP earlier today--- around 6pm est. Not sure if they send out in waves, though! Fingers crossed for you.
  5. I applied and was invited for an interview earlier this week How about you? This is the only school I've heard from so far though....
  6. Did this birdie say which program under the BBS umbrella? 😬 was just going to comment about how today seemed slow for invites....
  7. I applied to Harvard BBS and Penn BGS (just heard from Penn!). I didn't apply to Vandy. Really hoping to hear from Harvard soon 😬
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