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  1. I also wanted to update on my original post in case it helps future prospective students, especially international! While the DGS and faculty were supportive and accommodating, I ultimately felt that the structural restrictions made their offer unsuitable for me. I talked to current students with a range of perceptions -- it was a major stress point for some. I'd heard of international students who found ways to sidestep the 6-year timeline, but there aren't any guidelines on how these things work so it would have confusing to navigate. One question I didn't explicitly ask the program (an
  2. Thanks so much for your advice, I think you raised many good points You were right about other options available, e.g. transferring. Although at this particular school the tuition remission during fieldwork thing isn't the case (although it might be at others).
  3. (Hi everyone! This is kinda a long story, I feel really torn between imperfect options given my personal/health situation and would appreciate any advice from fellow students who've dealt with similar situations. Thanks in advance. I have also posted this on a different site, so apologies if you've seen it twice.) I'm an international student who's been accepted to an fully-funded PhD program at a UC, and waitlisted at a couple of other private universities. While it is a great program and an excellent fit for me in many ways, I feel deeply torn between settling for what I consider to be
  4. Sorry to hear about UCSD. Fingers crossed for you for positives from the other two programs!! I think it's just been a difficult year, which sucks because not everyone can wait an extra year or try again next cycle. Even programs that said they're having a normal application cycle are taking in way fewer students, which surprised me. I also didn't hear back from programs I thought were a really good fit and where faculty encouraged me to apply/said my application would be competitive (maybe that's just boilerplate lol).
  5. Yale interviews went out a couple of days ago. I didn't get it but I heard from a friend!
  6. My sense from WashU sociocultural is that their mode of reaching out to students for interviews isn't very coordinated/formal, just individual professors/POIs emailing students to set up a time, so I think it's normal that we hear from the department at staggered timings (although that isn't very helpful for our anxiety). Sending good vibes to you that you hear back soon!
  7. I don't have a masters so I think it's untrue that they don't shortlist applicants without one. I don't know about admissions, however, whether they might favor applicants of certain backgrounds over others. I took several years off after my BA to gain "real world" policy and fieldwork experience at my field site. I would think it's a shame for any program (especially in the US where a PhD program is longer than those in other countries and includes a mandatory few years of coursework!) to exclude applicants without a masters. I could go on... academia is already so unequal, not everyone
  8. In case this helps: I've heard back from Chicago, UC Irvine and WashU (all sociocultural) for interviews so far, still waiting on other programs.
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