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  1. Oh okay, I understand now. I was confused because it said 51-100 under the rankings coloum. I used the filters and counted so now I have an idea.. Thank you so much! I have received an acceptance to CU Boulder and wanted to get an idea about the general standing of the department. Also, sorry I didn't apply to Clark!
  2. Hi! You mention top programs. Is there a list of top progs in Geography? I'm an international student and don't have much of an idea about rankings, reputation etc
  3. @donaldduckheim @AwesomeWilliam and @LMSoc Got a reply from JHU and it's bad news- "The Sociology Department has sent out their offer letters. We are sorry that you were not accepted. With 182 applications our program is very competitive. You should be receiving official notice from the Admission’s Office today concerning your application. We wish you all the best in the future. Sociology Department Johns Hopkins University" Hoping for the best for y'all for the rest of your applications and please remember that this has been an insanely inte
  4. I'm thinking of writing to the grad admissions officer on Monday morning just to get an idea as to what's happening.. I'll keep you guys posted
  5. Still waiting on JHU. I ws hoping they'll hand out rejections this week atleast ugh
  6. Lol so that's like 2 out of the total of 3 admits at JHU this year.. Gearing up for rejection at this rate! I just hope it's swift like a band-aid But also, @Qahwwaa why would the coordinator say end of Feb though. They aren't taking that many candidates for it to be in phases..strange
  7. Heya Applied to Johns Hopkins but not expecting anything since they're probably going to admit around 4 people this year. But results were announced around 18-19th feb for the last few years so we still have a few days to go + pandemic related issues such as higher number of apps might also effect the timeline.. Either way, we still have a few days to go in my opinion..
  8. Hey guys! I got into CU Boulder with 4 year funding with tuition waiver. I've been offered around 22k a year with free dental health care. I have to pay a nominal amount towards fees and 10% of my student health insurance(350$), the rest will be covered the university. Just wanted to ask if this is a decent offer? I'm an international student and I don't know much about funding packages.. Any help will be appreciated! Also, would love to hear more about Boulder or the University+Department too!
  9. Aah, I see. Well, I hope you hear positive news from Berkeley ASAP. Getting an interview invite in itself is amazing! Have you applied for the human geography track or physical? Re: WMadison, yeah from what I know they don't typically interview the candidates which is why I asked. We should hear back soon I guess. It seems they released results between 4-6feb last year which is a few days away. Plus, I saw a post on the results page about an informal interview and that the committee is confirming the acceptances..
  10. Congratulations for the interview invites! Just wanted to confirm if you had an interview for Wisconsin Madison too? Or was it just Berkeley?Also, for Berkeley, are you applying for the Human Geography track or physical geography? Sorry for asking too many questions, I'm just trying to gauge if there's any hope or if I should brace for bad news..
  11. Have you also received no news at all from Stanford? Seems like interview invites went out last week so I'm wondering the same about waitlists etc. Also, @anth8 would you mine sharing if you've applied for the culture and society track or the Archaeology track?
  12. I seems that this year's interview dates were exactly the same timeline as last year's? So, interviews on the 22-23rd of Jan. Decisions by first week of feb. Really hoping against against odds here in the case that all interviews have already taken place.
  13. Hey y'all Just wanted to drop by and ask if anyone is heard from Berkeley, UWisconsin-Madison or CU Boulder? I can see an interview invite for Berkeley and Wisconsin on the results page. Has anyone else been contacted?
  14. Oh no please don't apologize! Big congratulations on the interview invite! No matter what the chances are at this point, you're still a step closer. Which is good! So, since it seems invites for the interview round have gone out, I guess I'll gear up for a rejection then.. Issokay I suppose
  15. Did you receive an interview invite? I saw a few interview posts on the results page and was wondering if they were trolls...
  16. Hello! Just checking in to see if the person who posted the Stanford interview invite is lurking on this forum? Wanted to know which track they are applying to!
  17. Is the person who posted the Stanford Anthro interview invite here?
  18. Didn't post on the results page but I received a rejection from Minnesota too. It said there were 120 applicants for very few seats. If you haven't heard back, maybe it's a good thing? Perhaps, you made it to the shortlist? Also, are you from a demography background? With the merger with the population center, I had to force my research into a demographic methods-friendly agenda which probably didn't fit well hence the rejection.. Just thinking out loud..
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