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  1. Hey congrats on the acceptance! pm me if u wanna join a whatsapp group for our cohort
  2. not specifically for fall 2021 students but there is a general silberman group page
  3. Yeah it can take awhile for them to send out decisions
  4. https://cunyhunterretain.askadmissions.net/Portal/EI/GroupUrl?gid=530459603c63e88168497588a1fceef197e239 reserve spot here
  5. I’m in the same cohort as well! Lmk how we can connect
  6. I never got an email! When was it sent to you?
  7. Hey there! A lot of people were stuck on submitted for months including me then it just suddenly updates to accepted or pending interview. Try using the chat function to talk with admissions on the admissions page. They never get back to you with email so make sure that someone is on the other end to answer your questions. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. Hey everyone! I got an email clarifying the message regarding interviews. If you have been accepted or interviewed then you can ignore the message as it was sent in error.
  9. Hey they are usually online between the hours of 4-6pm on Monday’s thru Thursdays. It was say that they are online. If not it’ll just send a message to them and have them email you back. Try to only chat with them bc they’re always late with email responses. Chat is instant if u can catch them online! Hope this helps and good luck
  10. That means you’ll either get accepted or denied with no interview. Some people get accepted without an interview which makes the status jump straight to final decision. Hope you get in! edit: sorry just realized people had responded to you already
  11. CHECK YOUR APPLICATIONS! just got accepted no interview. hope everyone else gets an update today.
  12. if its completed then it just means that its ready for review or is being reviewed and the status just didnt update yet
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