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  1. They may have released offers for the PhD Theology but I think they are a little more streamlined with the MPhil and MsT and release acceptances a few days before rejections, but all at the same time. I am still waiting!
  2. The thing is--with the faculty on offer I felt like it was still a good fit, I just saw that the kind of student they had taken in past cohorts was a bit different from me. Maybe it was inescapable for Religion/Philosophy to lose places with the pandemic but I feel gypped.
  3. I think this year and last year, and probably the next couple of years are going to be very different from the ones that came before in terms of phd admissions and the job market. My first choice fell through two(?) weeks ago. I cannot see myself anywhere else and it was a major blow, esp. because something glitched with them last year and I didn't hear back until July. (I think the department decided not to let my requested primary be a primary supervisor because he is not full faculty but anyway...) After rewriting the app and requesting a full faculty member with the other guy as secon
  4. Go with your gut! With all the Covid stuff I would only press them on so called "real" questions. I personally did not contact the professors I requested in the American programs. I had emails drafted to them--but thought against it, in part because some of the websites do not have the faculty addresses listed and explicitly say please do not contact the faculty, so... Just go with your gut. They will see from my application the networks we have in common and anything I would have said in a "cold call" email. I did contact the supervisors in the UK, but they have a different system w
  5. Hi guys—happy to see there is a thread for us! I love how diverse our field is. I haven’t figured out grad cafe but on one of the pages it listed that Stanford requested interviews around this time last year.. has anyone heard from them? Feb is going to be a little crazy.. I applied for Philosophy of Religion to a few different places. good luck to all of us!
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