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  1. There have been, actually. Join the WhatsApp group for the latest updates on GEMMA https://chat.whatsapp.com/CDLx0Z1RJXc6snFDrv9mEN
  2. Congrats! What was the Home university for your first choice? DM me, if you add me on Facebook I can approve your group request.
  3. I heard from a couple of GEMMA alumni that they are usually late with their deadlines, so I'd expect the results to arrive in late-April - early-May. And to this date I haven't seen a single person who had been called for an interview, so I guess first they need to do that.
  4. HI, I am waiting to hear from GEMMA as well. Before they release the results, they should conduct interviews.
  5. Hi everyone! Got my decision on MPA. They accepted me with a partial scholarship, but the costs to pay are still too high, so I'll probably decline it. Good luck to everyone still waiting for their results!
  6. I also got the IMCEERES nomination. Congrats to everyone who have had a positive feedback from their programs! Still waiting for EPS and GEMMA.
  7. Well, I have also applied to GEMMA (EMJMD) and picked CEU as my mobility option. They have pretty good funding options and overall high teaching standards, so I am hoping to get at least one offer.
  8. Hi again (from the Erasmus thread)! I have applied to the Master of Public Administration (2 years).
  9. Hey, I've seen on Facebook that people started receiving their admission offers from IMSISS. Hoping for positive outcome for those who have applied from here!
  10. End of January is not really possible, I think more like the first half of February, at least that's what current IMCEERES students told me. First you should get an email with an offer from Glasgow, conditional or unconditional, but it's just a basic acceptance to the programme, not a scholarship offer. After that all applicants are ranked in the scholarship competition, the results for that should arrive in late March - early April.
  11. Hey, I'm from Eastern Europe, a partner country, which explains the first choice of mine haha.
  12. Hi! I've applied to IMCEERES, still working on my applications for GEMMA and EPS. Where are you all from?
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