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  1. just means you are being put into the pool of applicants for the masters
  2. Recommended or 'forwarded for evaluation'?
  3. Results up! As expected, rejection letter.
  4. Well done on the acceptance anyway, means they must have been damn close to giving you the whole package! Which school do you mind me asking?
  5. Ever wonder if GSE Admissions come here for a laugh during lunch breaks?
  6. yeah just realized after i posted haha. But on this subject. Does anybody know how the GSE might feel about somebody applying one year after beginning another program? A Professor at one less competitive school as offered me a place, under the assumption that I will be re-applying next year. For me, it's an opportunity to keep researching my area of interest for at least a year, and for them I think it's an opportunity to potentially convince me to stay in the long run, and worst case scenario have a student from the program who went on to Stanford, Harvard, Xyz. I'm concerned applying while
  7. Thanks for this! It says 54% of the class have PhDs? Surely that is wrong, the majority of the class are MA students and even for a PhD applicant, I think it's rare to do one after having completed another. Anyone got an explanation for this? EDIT: My bad, I misread and it's just 'Advanced Degree', which I guess includes masters.
  8. Anybody know roughly how many get admitted to SHIPS every year?
  9. If you check the previous results, it seems like all the acceptances come a couple of days early, then there is a day with a mass email and al the results are rejections. My guess is they email or ring accepted people early in the week, and then at the end of the week they send out a mass email to everyone else. Congratulations to the admitted people! If we have any in our midst, I personally would love to hear about your profile and see what I might be able to do to better myself for next years applications
  10. Interesting. So you mean they are hoping that you might be able to identify a research question that is right on the forefront of educational research, and whether you have or have't published is less important to your proposal and how you are qualified to address it. Something like that? Would definitely like to hear you expand on this, thanks! I'm applying to SHIPS, International Comparative Education. I have solid experience in education in the region of focus of one of my POI, a masters and some decent RA experience all converging around their area of interest. I feel that my s
  11. Hey Jeremy, just checked out your blog. It's really good! Wish I'd seen it earlier in the admissions process, but oh well. I am presently operating under the assumption I won't be getting in this year (no contact from POI/GSE, and if I'm being honest with myself, I could use a bit more seasoning). What would you suggest for somebody planning on re-applying in terms of building a profile for the following year? For example, I've got a bit of research experience but I don't have any pubs, is that a semi-expectation for programs as competitive as the Stanford GSE? Any help would be h
  12. I don't think this is a healthy way to look at doing a PhD. Sure, you can be disappointed that you didn't get in, as all of us here would be checking the results. But getting into this program is the rarest of rare opportunities, judging by the comments about how many apps they have received and how many get in, I think we are talking about less than 1%. It's not not reasonable to attach your life goals to such a difficult accomplishment. In fact, I struggle to imagine any specific career goal that simply could never be achieved because you didn't study at Stanford. Even if your dream is to wo
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