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  1. Why did you apply to those programs? (i.e. do you have preliminary answers to your own question?) Computational soc is broad, comprising machine learning, text analysis, simulation, networks, geometric data analysis, etc -- is there a subset you're particularly interested in? UNC wasn't on my radar, but looking now I see they have at least one auspicious computational person. Cornell is strong here although it will be interesting to see how they fill recent departures. Filiz Garip leaving for Princeton seems particularly relevant. I'm interested in computational work on culture and politi
  2. It's easier for me to imagine that they're just waiting for things to shake out a bit before they offer the ~four packages they ostensibly already have. But who knows.
  3. I am assuming that because they seem to have sent formal waitlist notifications. Focusing my vain hopes on Duke personally
  4. For me, email notification linking to letter in portal
  5. oop I just got my rejection after all (hadn't interviewed). Referred to MACSS (computational) rather than MAPSS, I forget if that was something I checked on the app but anyhow it makes sense for me
  6. Thanks, I was just coming here to ask this, I've got a few email rejections so far but have never yet gleaned any decision information from an application page so I was starting to think I was missing something. Also greetings all, been lurking this subforum for a few weeks now and appreciating the chat. I'm in UChicago limbo too, no interview but holding out a modicum of hope because I thought the fit was solid. So far I've got an unfunded offer at Rutgers, an interview/visit at Notre Dame, rejected from Stanford, and a few other presumptive rejections. I'm interested in culture, politic
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