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  1. I just received my Princeton SPIA MPA admission, I also have Yale Jackson (funding TBD) just-below-full-ride at SAIS. Although they have not come out yet, I'm not considering MSFS or SIPA. (just not my fits) I really have a wide range of interests across security and development, and I'll have a really difficult time with my choice especially if I miraculously also get into Stanford MIP (which I don't think will happen). I have mixed thoughts about HKS MPP, as it's such a big programme and I think I would really enjoy close interaction with the faculty. But then, the simple size of the fa
  2. Anyone who is an early admit that received the finaid email?
  3. Congratulations! Can you kindly share with us a bit about your background? Like US/International, YOE and etc...
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