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  1. Believe me, you're not someone of my caliber anyway. So, don't worry, you can never reach to a level to be in a cohort with me.
  2. I am the happiest I've ever been! I got admitted to my dream school. But I understand why you might be grumpy. It should not be easy to only get admitted to the lowest ranked school you've applied to. Instead of trying to teach people how to act, try to find peace somewhere else.
  3. I feel like you need a break from this forum after so many rejections. I will not learn how to treat people from you.
  4. Do you even read people's posts before you pose them a question? The post clearly says that the candidate is in AP subfield.
  5. I was rejected from UCSD and UT Austin but got admitted to NYU today! I hope we will all have days to celebrate!
  6. Oh I did not mean to freak you guys out. I was very upset after being rejected from two schools too and still got admitted to one of my top choices. I am sure you will get an admission to a great school! Keep your hopes up!
  7. I have seen some NYU admits on the results page, I am not sure if they send the "unofficial" admissions first or the official ones (one of the admits said that they got an email from DGS. I'm freaking out now because I didn't receive such an email yet.
  8. Thank you so much! I'm still in shock after being rejected from UCSD and UT Austin!
  9. Hello everyone, it is my first time posting to this forum after reading it for many months. I can claim one of the NYU results. I am, however, still waiting for the official email from the office of Graduate Admissions. A faculty member I have kept in touch with just emailed me with the good news. I am in International Relations focus-area. Congratulations to Princeton admits, I still have not heard from there.
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