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  1. Hi, new here but noticed that you got accepted to UMKC. I got accepted there also.  I haven't heard anything about funding yet, only that zoom meeting that is coming up. Have you?


    U of Wyoming-Rejected

    Florida State-Rejected

    U of Tennessee Knoxville-Rejected

    Still waiting: U of Florida Gainesville, U of Charleston S.C., U of New Orleans, and McNeese State U.

    Have you heard anything about those?



    1. cecsav



      Of those programs, the only one I applied to was U of Florida. I haven't heard anything from them yet, but there are some fiction results posted (I'm poetry). I have no information about UMKC's funding at this point beyond the fact that they said they'd let us know "mid-March." I have two other fully funded offers though, so I won't even consider UMKC without funding. Are you planning on attending the Zoom meeting? I think it's tomorrow night?

    2. Cristie



      Ok, so we have two schools. My email from UMKC says the AWP thing is tonight and the meet/greet is on the 19th. I'll be on the meet and greet but not sure of a link for AWP/$. I'm fiction and non. Will you still let me know if you hear something from those two? I only know one other person (a fellow student at my school-UALR) who applied to some of the same schools as me, some different. We both applied to ten. I applied to two others (LSU/UofA Fayetteville) but under a different program than writing as a back-up plan (Sports Management) since I was warned MFA's were super hard to get into. Congrats on the two funding, where are those? I don't know anyone else to ask, but found this site and was so relieved to find that I'm not the only one freaking out and obsessing over my email account and phone (big whew). 

      Many thanks, 


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