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  1. I believe it’s the MA CSE that accepts around 60 and the MT is probably 100-200 (not sure on the MT tho!)
  2. I think I saw on the website somewhere that the MA CSE also has a research project in year two as well (I think there was a course for it listed). Does anyone know about this? I don’t remember hearing anything about it at any of the open houses.
  3. I relate 100%! I really enjoyed the welcome reception and am now trying to find more info about MT so I can be thorough in my decision. It is super hard to choose!
  4. I had such a good time at the MACSE welcome orientation! Does anyone know if the Masters of Teaching typically does any info sessions around this time? It's so hard to choose haha
  5. So true!! I can definitely relate, I really want something that will give me flexibility long-term and fit my research interests. Thanks for the info!
  6. Do you mind sharing what helped you decide on MACSE as your first choice? So far it’s my only acceptance but I’ve been doing tons of research to sort out which one would fit me best!
  7. I was also accepted into the MACSE and didn't see anything about that program on my ACORN yet. But I did see deposits for the Masters of Teaching, which I haven't heard from yet!
  8. Congrats! I got an unofficial acceptance around the same time! If anyone starts/finds any Facebook groups (or other groups) for our class, I'd love to join.
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