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  1. Keep in mind that the early admissions that went out have a 3 week window to accept, so this week they will expire and many more seats will become available with people choosing between their multiple offers, or straight up rejecting them.
  2. I just had another thought as I was sending in my acceptance forms. As some of us were given offers to multiple streams, once we accept one stream that means that a spot would theoretically open up in the other one. There definitely is hope.
  3. P/J and Geog J/I. So theres another choice to make too.
  4. Congrats to you too! Yeah it's harder in BC to find teachers who have taken the program, but I'm reaching out to family out there for some insight. What stream did you get accepted for?
  5. I got my offer from UofT last week for the MT program, super stoked on that. Today I got an offer from UBC for their B.Ed program, and while I feel like I should be stoked, I'm not. This will sound arrogant, but I wish I didn't because now it leaves me with a difficult choice. From a purely financial standpoint, UBC makes sense as I am finishing my undergrad there and already live in Vancouver. If need be I can live at home, so my cost of living dips drastically. UBC's program is also only 1 year vs the 2, which means 1 year of less tuition and theoretically 1 year extra of working, so I'
  6. I'm kinda in the same boat. My mom doesn't seem as excited that I have an offer to UofT, which is arguably the best school in the country. When I bring it up she keeps saying I should wait to hear from UBC (Vancouver), think about finances, you can stay at home etc etc. I got an offer from UBC today, but the past week I've been excited about going to Toronto and decided I would want to go there even if I got a UBC offer. Now theres the conflict of telling her about my UBC offer and fighting to leave, or just lying and saying I didn't get in. ANYWAY, I'm saying this because at the end of
  7. I think it's in batches but when the batches get released seems random.
  8. There doesn't seem to be a set time for the batches. Mine was on Thursday around noon Pacific. It also doesn't line up with the undergrad acceptance which seems to be on more of a fixed schedule.
  9. From this 2016 source, the projected intake is 378 for MT, and 75 for MA CSE. https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/oise/UserFiles/File/2016-Trends-and-Analyses.pdf
  10. That's peculiar. My sgs shows my MT application and I'd assume it would show both if you applied for multiple. You may want to contact admissions and inquire.
  11. Thanks, I applied with an 82% average on my most recent year. I submitted basically the day of the early deadline, and my references were submitted within the week. I have about 1000 hours as an EA at my local school board, 750 hours of work and volunteer at a non profit working with kids with autism, 500 hours of private behaviour intervention work, and about 200 hours of classroom volunteer work, totalling at about 2500 hours.
  12. I couldn't find anything but it's possible they happen after all offers go out?
  13. I just got accepted into MT for P/J and J/I. Took a week but it all worked out. Good luck to everyone still waiting, and I look forward to seeing those accepted there!
  14. It's always hard to say. I just run the litmus test of comparing my stats to other people who have gotten offers from previous years, but obviously that's not everything. I assume how you relate the experience you have to the teaching profession will hold more weight over the raw number of hours. On paper you definitely sound like a competitive applicant, however anecdotally I know that History and Social Studies are among the most competitive Secondary teachables out there. I wouldn't worry too much about your experience being a little older, every applicant is in the same boat with covi
  15. I think they need to say that in the event that there is an error and someone does get rejected or something goes wrong. If they say that the deposit means you are in then it's a slippery slope of people jumping the gun and telling their friends and family they got in, starting to look for housing, applying for scholarships, etc. I've cautiously told some close friends I may be in, but I'm not even telling my family until I have that letter. It would suck for that person who ended up jumping the gun, and then end up coming back to bite OISE admissions for falsely confirming their acceptance.
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