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  1. Haha, very bold, I know. I did have my reasons (one of which being that I already live in San Francisco and wouldn't have to move across the country, another being the presence of active Proust scholars at both CA schools). Berkeley has been my dream program for years, so I'm glad that people seem generally enthusiastic about it. I'm hoping to work with Michael Lucey and Damon Young specifically, two scholars I admire greatly.
  2. I’m glad to see so many people are getting offers in such a bad year! I was accepted to Berkeley, I’m in the long interview process with Stanford, and was offered an interview at Yale but declined. I specialize in 19th-20th C lit, especially Proust studies, with a philosophy/queer theory bent. I’m curious what other posters think of Stanford? I’m leaning towards Cal for a few reasons, but two big ones are the size of Stanford’s department (seems like there are very few French students and a rather small faculty compared to Cal) and lack of info on job placement. Does anyone have any thou
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