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  1. They don't require any interview for this kind of scholarship, a lot of people have already confirmed. I think the result will be published at the end of this month 😂
  2. I believe the result will be published by the end of this month.
  3. Well, it may take some more weeks to receive the result of "Design, Art and Film" programe. The officer just told me like that. From Viet Nam with love everybody <3.
  4. Could you give me the correct link? My officer told me to contact with the infocenter but I haven't got any news from them
  5. I've just received a notification to upload my work samples for the "Art,Design, Film" scholarship by 9th April. So they will probably announce the result at the end of April 😇
  6. From Viet Nam and I'm still waiting, lmao, however all of my admission are rejected =)), I don't know if I could get this scholarship and wait for the next semester =))
  7. I wonder if our program has an interview session or not... I haven't heard anything about interview procedure from Art,Design program until now.
  8. If anyone here applied for the "Art,Design, Visual communication and Film" program, then the selection process hasn't finished yet. Therefore they can't inform us any official news. I believe that the result may be announced at the end of this month...
  9. So the result date of Asia region will likely to be at the end of Mar. Thank you for your precious information!
  10. Guys please just calm down :)), the result will be announce by April, they've already confirmed to me that this year would take longer than usual for all of the scholarship programs. Regards
  11. Hi, I just asked them and they said that the result may be announced later than last year. It could take until Spring (Mar, Apr) to announce the final result.
  12. Is there anyone applied for the Design, Fine Art programe this year? I've already received some notification about a selection meeting will be held in February and they'll announce the result within 1-3 weeks after that meeting. I think the result will be posted at the end of Feb or at the beginning of Mar.
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