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  1. Thank you Dimba! Trying to plan ahead after many months of waiting. Thanks for sharing
  2. Hi Dimba, I would like to know how is the time schedule for the German course. Did they allow you to choose the time of the day you prefer to do it? Thank you in advance, I am trying to plan my life ahead only knowing that my course starts in August.
  3. Thank you! For keeping us posted! Let’s have a coffee in Germanyyyy
  4. Hi all! I got it!!!!!!!! Just received a message saying that I will receive the letter in a few weeks! Thank you all for doing this wait so much better!!! And for those who didn’t got it, try to find a way to make it happen.
  5. My status just changed!!!!!! Selection made!! It is moving forward!
  6. They say hfbk usually only accepts students that made the Ba there... do you know Pedro Risse? He studied a master at udk something about media... thank you! Good luck to you too! And let’s hope to get some answers this month
  7. I am applying to the udk, Stage Design, the Hfbk in Hamburg and the udk Costume Design. I was already rejected by Hfbk, now waiting on the udk. How about you?
  8. Just emailed Brazil office and they told me the selection was made and now they will do the formalities to inform the results. the results could be out this week or the next... Don’t know if it’s good news to hear the same old “two weeks” hahahah
  9. I agree with you. Usually the answer for the art program is in March! Plenty of time to organize and plan stuff. I am also worried about the german course, as they are so behind will they offer us less course then they usually ofer?! Would it be more hours a day? I guess if they are so late, like this, they have to make changes and adjust. Hire more people, I don’t know. Is not that the pandemic stroke this year... I understand it makes things harder, but we did apply on time and managed to fulfill all the requirements during very hard times...
  10. Nothing for me... still paper copies received.
  11. I am sorry to hear that! I can relate so much with you, have also been preparing for this for 2 years now. Hope you still find your way to do the master! You can start and try the scholarship for the second year, maybe. Also with the students visa you can work part time... I know is not ideal, but it is what I am planning to do if I do enter the master.
  12. I thought it was just me hahaha. Also freaked over here... I don’t know, hope I am so wrong... but have the feeling I could get the answer until the end of the month.... cannot wait anymore and have started to move life forward...
  13. Oh! Thank you just found it! Taking any smoke signal from Daad, hahaha.
  14. I can imagine the anxiety! It is good news, they are moving forward with the results! by the way, where do you see that? I haven’t find the dates for funding at my application.
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