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  1. As I attended the webinars of daad scholarship. There are two types of daad scholarship, first is the epos or doctoral program type which the selection is usually based on the quality of candidates regardless the country or region and the committee are most likely from that program. Second type is the study grants you applied directly to daad which there are quata for available scholarship for each country but the selection is made based on your profile as well but just the competition is just within your country. I think you should ask daad in your country for a certain answer.
  2. I just checked today and daad told me that the selection was postponed from January to February and from now on, the results will be announced within a few weeks.
  3. I called daad in my country and they said, the results will not be available before march.
  4. Oh thank you. Tomorrow I will check with daad in my country.
  5. The portal just back available. You can check it out. Please inform me if there is any updates. I will inform everybody when I know something as well.
  6. Thanks you for the information. I will just wait then.
  7. I received the same information. I checked at daad in my country and they said that this year do not have an interview due to pandemic. This is already three weeks after January but still nothing update.
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