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  1. Hi! I got my award letter on 28.April and forgot to write here. It was really less stressed to wait for the results together. I wish all of the waiting candidates best of luck!
  2. Not yet We were told that award letters would be sent at the end of april or the beginning of may.
  3. Yes, it is called DAAD ERP. They have got their results last week.
  4. Do not expect the status to change. It changes into "funding" even days after you get your award letter. We should expect to get a message on the portal from Dr. Heiko Schmidt
  5. I have seen the portal of the reserved candidate, and it is not like that. Let's wait for the award letters. I do hope we get them at least next week.
  6. I think they have already sent emails to reserved candidates at the same time with rejections. I have heard that from my Georgian friend as well. Additionally, yesterday on the portal we got new options like application for online begin of the master degree. So we have probably got the scholarship. I expect that we get a notification today via portal and award letters next week. But yes, until we get the official answers we would still feel anxious and suspicious.
  7. They have sent rejection emails and inside it, it is written how many candidates were awarded with a scholarship.
  8. Hi! Yesterday we heard that (officially from Bonn) 23 out of 39 candidates were awarded with scholarship. I also have the same status since 2 days. Rejections were already sent. So we are either reserved candidates or we have got the scholarship.
  9. We have the same situation here in Azerbaijan. 2 days ago rejections were sent and their status changed, but we(me and about 12 applicants that I know) still have selection made status and wait for an email to know whether we are in the reserve list or we got the scholarship. I do hope we will get some news today. As far as I know we would get an email saying that there is a new message on the portal and the message will be on the page "application overview" not in inbox.
  10. Do you mean the status "Application rejected" or did you also get "Funding"status?
  11. I asked it our local office. Additionally, in the first stage the ones who got rejected received an email and there it was written that there were 437 applicants and only 39 of them passed to the interview stage.
  12. I do not know exactly what they mean by scientific fields. That is also sth that confuses me pretty much.
  13. yes, as far as know the number of Azerbaijani Applicants hit the record this year and is in the 2nd place.
  14. no, the total number of applicants was 437
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