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  1. How do you know that they send out decisions every fortnight. There was not any decision last Friday and I assume there won't be any decision today because of the email yesterday. LOL
  2. I guess this is a strategy that they adopt to protect the yield rate (the percentage of accepted students who enroll). some Ph.D. program at UNC use the same strategy to send offers near April 15th.
  3. Its super weird this year. Last year the first wave including releasing dates : 3.23, 3.24, 4.2. So far, we have only 4 people admitted on grad cafe on 3.18, which is last Thursday. Something is definitely going wrong if we do not hear anything by this Friday. Either they do not have enough manpower to formulate concrete decisions, or they simply do not need admit many students this year because a lot of people had last year gapped. The releasing time span on 3.18 is from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Its kinda ridiculous that the first wave only lasts for over an hour on a single Thursday. Lets wait u
  4. They just start sending offers today! Three offers are on grad cafe now.
  5. This year is similar to the last year in terms of Covid. I guess the results will come out next week since they released the first round on March 23th last year. Releasing dates in the years before last year is not that relevant.
  6. Yes! Master of Information at U of Michigan. Im waiting for the results from these two programs
  7. Sure. Im a CS major student at a liberal arts college. GPA 3.35 GRE 324. What about you
  8. I sent my app in Jan. I checked that last year they started releasing the results in the final week of March. Guess we have to wait for another week LOL ;X
  9. Im so glad to find this forum today! I guess the results will come out next week since they released the first round on March 23th last year because of Covid-19. This year is similar. While we are waiting, would y'all mind share your undergraduate background and your intended field of study?
  10. Hello Juniper, Im still waiting for it. How are you doing there?
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