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  1. Same! I'm pretty sure it means we're wait listed. From reading the 2020 forum, I saw that a lot of people who hadn't gotten an acceptance or rejection after the first round heard back the first week of May. Assuming this will be the case for those of us who didn't get accepted or rejected this week.
  2. Has anyone on McMaster's wait list heard anything back yet?
  3. Thanks! Congratulations again thats so exciting. Do you mind me asking, what were your stats and when is your deadline to accept?
  4. Congrats!! Did you just receive the email?
  5. Congrats! When did you receive the email?
  6. Sent them an email this morning - this is what I got back. Fingers crossed offers roll in before April!
  7. On the Waitlist for McMaster - anyone else?
  8. Applied to McMaster, UofT and USaskatchewan - still waiting to hear back. Haven't seen too much about USaskatchewan on the forum... has anyone heard back from them?
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