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  1. Hello everybody, my status just changed to funding🔥! Prog: Master all disciplines, Country: Uzbekistan Good luck everyone✌️
  2. Yes, that is definitely a good sign. My some acquaintances who got ERP-Scholarship the same in their portal (they have in their navigation menu to choose not only "Submit document regarding the funding", but also "Submit / change foreign bank data"). But as far as I know, reserved candidates have to select only "Submit document regarding the funding" in their navigation menu. Let us know if you got scholarship! Then we will know exactly if the actual good sign is when in navigation menu "Submit / change foreign bank data") apperared 🙂
  3. Hi! which country? Do you have now in your "navigation menu" in the portal "options"? If so, what options do you have there to select? Under your dropdown menu "Options" also appeared "Submit / change foreign bank data" or only "Submit document regarding the funding"?
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