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  1. When I applied last year they said so at some open houses, but I didnt believe them ahahaha. Guess they were telling the truth!
  2. Omg two people got off the waitlist for Western. Classes have already started, I cant believe theyre still going through the list!! I dont know what quandrant they were in though.
  3. Hey everyone, a few days ago someone got off of the SLP waitlist at Dal. Guess they are still accepting people!
  4. BMO (the test prep company, not the bank lol) had a really short, pleasant and straight forward book. Usually I cant do textbooks because I get bored, but they hate the CASPer and its comical and entertaining how they arent shy about it. Like they call the creators some names and its bold seeing that its a like an official published book lol. I took it after some prep (definitely not enough) and I didnt feel great after. Probably a big reason I was waitlisted at McGill tbh. BUT, here is my biggest piece of advice: know how to eloquently say "I dont know, but here is how I will find out."
  5. Going along with what another user said before, I would highly recommend boosting your sGPA as that is what most schools look at! Also, U of T tends to value grades over experience where as Western is the opposite. For example, I had a 3.81 sGPA and 19 volunteer hours. I got immediately accepted to U of T but 4th quadrant wait list at Western. My friend has a 3.7 and way more volunteer hours than me, she got into the first quadrant wait list at western and was eventually accepted! Also, I found this out at open houses: Western likes it when you take more relevant classes where at U of T
  6. Yep! There is a section to input it. I am not sure if they actually looked at it, but either way I filled it out
  7. Im betting more people will apply. Last cycle I asked my classmates if they were gonna apply to Dal but they said no because of the GRE. Honestly I am so glad that they got rid of it, that was an expensive and traumatizing nightmare and a half, but since the school doesnt require pre recs, applicants may skyrocket
  8. Okay I dont know the stats officially, but I think they get ~250 applications a year. Also, I only submitted 2 reference letters which I think is the bare minimum
  9. Yea, I agree with you. I asked around and the only place that seemed to accept people with something under a 3.7 is Alberta, but those people had an unbelievable amount of experience. U of T emphasizes sGPA whereas Western experience. But still, I havent heard many people get into Ontario schools with under a 3.7. I do know someone who almost did a whole second degree and they got into U of T! I think it depends on the person's long term goals and if you believe its worth it
  10. They include it in your calculation! I did a year abroad in The Netherlands and I had to get the school to send my transcripts to ORPAS. So at the bottom of the pic you will see **Average** under the "Course" heading. That was an average of some of my courses (just enough to fill the remaining credits) I took over there. I was very sad because, if you look closely, it really lowered my overall average 😅🤣 But no regrets of course, it was worth it!
  11. lol how do I delete a post?? sorry ignore this till I figure it out ahaha Edit: googled it, you cant delete posts. Sorry, my actual post is under this!!
  12. We mean how ORPAS calculates our sGPA! So how they do it is kinda confusing, but this is how its done: Gather your last 20 half courses/10 full year courses/combo of both Take the letter grade that you got and convert it to GPA based on this table https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-conversion-table/ Now, find the values, which is Length * GPA = New Value If it was a semester class then then length is 1. So if you got an A in a semester class, thats 1 * 3.8 = 3.8 If it was a full year class, then the length is 2. If you got an A in this full year class, it
  13. Yea, I think Western is more competitive since they only have 30 seats whereas U of T has 60. I got into U of T right away but for Western, I was in the 4th quadrant 😅😂 From what I gather, the only school where you may get in with a sGPA under 3.70 is Alberta, but only if you have a very strong application (e.g., hundreds of volunteer hours, multiple degrees.) Anywhere else (at least I can only speak for the english schools since thats all I know), you may get off the waiting list with a 3.7-3.8. This is just what I've figured from talking with other people and reading this forum. If any
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