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  1. They include it in your calculation! I did a year abroad in The Netherlands and I had to get the school to send my transcripts to ORPAS. So at the bottom of the pic you will see **Average** under the "Course" heading. That was an average of some of my courses (just enough to fill the remaining credits) I took over there. I was very sad because, if you look closely, it really lowered my overall average 😅🤣 But no regrets of course, it was worth it!
  2. lol how do I delete a post?? sorry ignore this till I figure it out ahaha Edit: googled it, you cant delete posts. Sorry, my actual post is under this!!
  3. We mean how ORPAS calculates our sGPA! So how they do it is kinda confusing, but this is how its done: Gather your last 20 half courses/10 full year courses/combo of both Take the letter grade that you got and convert it to GPA based on this table https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-conversion-table/ Now, find the values, which is Length * GPA = New Value If it was a semester class then then length is 1. So if you got an A in a semester class, thats 1 * 3.8 = 3.8 If it was a full year class, then the length is 2. If you got an A in this full year class, it
  4. Yea, I think Western is more competitive since they only have 30 seats whereas U of T has 60. I got into U of T right away but for Western, I was in the 4th quadrant 😅😂 From what I gather, the only school where you may get in with a sGPA under 3.70 is Alberta, but only if you have a very strong application (e.g., hundreds of volunteer hours, multiple degrees.) Anywhere else (at least I can only speak for the english schools since thats all I know), you may get off the waiting list with a 3.7-3.8. This is just what I've figured from talking with other people and reading this forum. If any
  5. Hey, I applied to both SLP and audiology this year! I have 20 hours of SLP volunteer experience and a big fat 0 in audiology. My subGPA is a 3.81 and I got immediately accepted to U of T (SLP), Western (Aud) and Dalhousie (Aud). I also got off the waitlist for Dal (SLP). Moral of the story I think Aud is much less competitive and, maybe bc of covid, they obviously did not seem to care that I had no experience! I started off in SLP but after some volunteer experience that I did not enjoy, I had my doubts. I started doing research and talking to ppl on reddit and for a whole slew of reason
  6. The Audiology program at Dal I just declined my acceptance from the SLP program at Dal
  7. I just got off the waitlist for Dal! Funny enough, they never contacted me so I didnt know I was on the waitlist. For those who havent heard from them, youre probably on the waitlist too! I already accepted else where, so I will be declining the offer, opening the spot to someone else
  8. Hey everyone, I've decided to go ahead with making a facebook group for Dalhousie! Please let me know if someone has already created one 😅 This page is for both SLP and Audiology kids 😄 https://www.facebook.com/groups/914884752389490
  9. I second this! There are only 3 english Aud programs in Canada and I think that you will come out as a competent clinician in any of the 3. I recommend weighing in costs, location, program structure, placements and job prospects over rankings to determine which school is best for you!
  10. Is this for SLP? I applied to both their SLP and Aud program. I heard back on the 29th as well for Aud only but still nothing for SLP!
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