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  1. Yes, Master All disc. Still selection made. All of our status is the same. I think today our results will be announced
  2. ERP results in Uzbekistan are out. They didn't get any message yet. But their status on the portal has changed All disc applicants are still waiting.
  3. They had an interview Feb-March. There were 100 applicants who were interviewed. About my own country, Uzbekistan, still silence.
  4. Results of Master's All discipline in Russia are out! Friends from Russia are receiving award e-mails from their local DAAD. But portal is still Selection made.
  5. Omg, i hope you won't wait as we did like already 6 months we have been waiting. LoL. (Master's programme)
  6. Hi. Mine also changed on 23rd March. Yesterday I asked our local DAAD, and they said it would take up to 4 weeks to announce the results. But she wasn't really sure. So if we calculate from 23 till today it's already been 3 weeks. Probably this or next week we will know it. I hope this week. Good luck🍀
  7. Hello. Did you write them to know the result, or?
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