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  1. U of A sent me directly from pre-screening to rejected today.
  2. I emailed them last week, but haven't heard back.
  3. Yeah. I think I'm just going through the 5 stages of rejection. I've made it to anger.
  4. UAlberta "pre-screening" folks: is there any hope left or are we all just waiting for a rejection? Have our applications even been reviewed by the admissions committee? Will they ever? Will we go directly from pre-screening to rejected? Did we get our references to write those letters for nothing? Will anyone even read them? I'm getting a tad bitter about this.
  5. I'm so confused by this. What was your GPA? Isn't the cutoff like 3.0? Additionally, isn't that one of the major criteria that they look at? UAlberta does things weird.... and they aren't transparent at all about their system.
  6. I wish to remain somewhat anonymous, but it's a diploma in diagnostic imaging from a technical institute in Alberta.
  7. What I don't get is if we're at "pre-screening" how can they accept anyone without reviewing all the applications? Are ours so bad that they won't even review them?
  8. I expect for everything (historically it looks like epi is one of the last ones they do, but a few people have already been accepted). I'm working with very little information (just what's on the forum for this year and past years), but it doesn't look like many people get in after the first round of acceptances. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. I'm thinking there's no point in emailing about it... though it is tempting. If it follows last years pattern it'll be nothing for a couple more weeks and then a mass rejection email goes out. Fingers crossed they are opening up more spots to bring in more $ this year after all the cuts.
  10. Is anyone here that applied to U of A MPH epi at under review? Or is everyone either accepted or "pre-sceening"?
  11. I'm a bit of an atypical candidate. Health care worker for 7+ years. No research experience. Not great GPA from undergrad (low 3s/4.0). Got a diploma afterwards with 3.9/4.0, but I doubt they'll count that. What are your stats?
  12. Long time lurker here. I only applied to U of A MPH epi stream. Saw a couple of you here that are still pre-screening (me too!). Not sure if that should give us hope or if we're all rejects. I would be so happy to just be "under review" right now. I was a keener and applied Oct 2 and all letters of recommendation in by mid Oct. I have literally been waiting for half a year now 🙃
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