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  1. Hi! I'm not currently a PhD student or recent graduate but am considering a PhD in cognitive neuroscience (in a psych department). I love learning about the brain/mind and want to continue onwards toward a terminal degree, but I worry about the longterm job options. I'm aware that academic positions are scarce these days. I'm not interested in tech/industry positions at all (it seems like a common alternative path for cognitive neuroscience people is to pursue Data Science positions in big tech companies, which totally isn't for me). I'm just a neuro-nerd who wants to learn a lot about the bra
  2. I've seen posts regarding PhD decision-anxiety after the April 15th decision deadline, but most posts seem to have dealt with regret/anxieties over selecting one program over another after April 15th. I made the very difficult decision of turning down a fully funded offer but am now feeling some regret. I'm wondering if it's possible to change my mind now... (And, even if the department was able and willing to make it work, would this be too much of a faux pas?) The last thing I would want is to start off on bad terms with my department and advisors. Has anyone else (either in th
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