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  1. Hey thanks so much for this! I'm definitely more practically-oriented as a person, and am more tempted by the data analysis and practical skills I'd gain in an MPP/MPA rather than a degree that's solely theoretical, which is why I'm slightly hesitating over the PhD. Definitely loved my MPhil but I worry that pure theory feels a little detached to me. I'm interested in going into policy but sadly don't have a policy background, and so I wonder if the 2nd Masters would help in that regard, alongside giving me more practical skills like data analysis and better preparing me for a public service c
  2. Hi all, would really appreciate some input on both a profile evaluation and advice on whether to pursue a (second) master's, or a PhD. Motivation: I'm a lifelong learner - have always enjoyed my time in education and just learning - and deeply driven to pursuing careers that can shape policy or drive some sort of greater systemic change and public good. Whilst I don't really have an intention to stay in academia or go into teaching, I feel like there's still so much I could gain from having a more robust theoretical foundation in politics and theory, to be able to analyse and grasp polic
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