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  1. Hello respected community members,

    I'm a new member in this community and trying to pursue yours concern attention .

    I'm struggling with my GRE AWA Issue and Argument  task. It'll be very helpful if anyone critique my issue task.

    Pool-05Formal education tends to restrain our minds and spirits rather than set them free.docx

    pool -04 A recent study rating..... need and the success of.docx

    1. Mr. Jameson

      Mr. Jameson


      I hope this does not come across the wrong way, but I do not think you are ready to be practicing for the GRE writing yet. Your examples are filled with grammatical errors, typose, and your points are very unclear. Am I right to assue english is your second language? It might be worth spending some time understanding how to write in english in the context of a simpler and smaller prompt before jumping into one of these philosophical AWA prompts. 

      I think you should maybe look for SAT prompts or short writing prompts that are only meant to elicit a 300 word response and practice your clarilty on that before moving forward.

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