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  1. Can I ask which program and campus you to?
  2. Hey y'all, a few people have posted that they've received acceptance on this PhD/DrPH forum:
  3. Hi, I haven’t heard back from JHU. From their info session online, review timeline is Dec-Feb, decisions will come March for DrPH apps. All decisions will come out the same time a with no rolling admissions. You can view the webinar here.
  4. Thank you for the info and congratulations!! If you are attending in Houston, you benefit a lot from the resources available at (and around) the school by having access to the profs and the research opportunities. I applied to one of the satellite schools but I have heard that the staff is great. One of my professors in my MPH graduated from there with his DrPH and has said nothing but good things about it. I recommend networking with others who are attending via LinkedIn. I got a lot of info that way. Can I ask when you submitted your application? I also applied to the PhD program but i
  5. I also applied there! Could you tell me if you applied for PhD or DrPH? did you find out over phone call or email, or online? Thank you. I've been impatiently waiting! Lol
  6. when did everyone submit their apps & have you heard back?
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