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  1. I would also take into consideration that funding yourself through assistantships can significantly slow your progress in your degree and have a negative impact on your mental health, especially if you're in a research-oriented field. I ran into this for the first time last fall; being a TA on top of trying to get my research off the ground and meet my other program requirements during this pandemic almost broke me (I had struggles with my mental health prior to this, but the extra burden in terms of time and energy that being a TA required was almost too much to deal with). The potential for
  2. Longtime lurker, first time poster. I made an account just to respond to this and let you know that you're not alone! I too relocated thousands of miles away from home to go to school in California in the fall of 2019, right before the pandemic began, and the isolation and loneliness has been unbearable. In addition to not being able to visit my family, the pandemic has been a huge obstacle in building new friendships, bonding with my lab mates, and getting to know my new town - and that's setting aside how much it has delayed and interfered with my research due to cancelled field seasons and
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