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  1. Hello! I have some good news. I just heard back from my first school (UOttawa) and they accepted me! I'm very excited that I'll be going somewhere! However, they want a decision by Feb 4. I won't even hear back from all my schools until April. How would you go about this? I'm going to ask for an extension for sure.
  2. Hello, I'm so glad I found this! I'm a second year MA Gender Studies student here at MUN in Canada (I'm American though). My work is centered on queer masculinities and sexuality studies. The last time I applied was during the 2019-2020 school year, I applied to a mix of MA/PhD programs. I got rejected to 3 PhD programs then, but I feel better prepared now. I applied to 16 PhD programs (I'm crazy). I just finished my last app Thursday, in fact. I've been told a lot of programs have around 80-100 apps and only 2-3 spots, so that's the reason I wanted to apply to so many. Also, I know last year
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