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  1. @ARH_1 I chose MSW because it is more versatile. I’m not 100% sure I want to do therapy in the long-term. Also from what I understand, at least in NY, MSW can hill Medicaid but MHC cannot. I would enjoy the coursework of MHC more, but there’s also post graduate trainings you do as a therapist anyway
  2. @13radyallen I will be starting school in the fall but have job experience in a different field, so I'll be missing any nuance within the social work field, but you should always avoid giving a number. You can put it back on them and ask what the salary range is for this position. You don't want to be in a position where they lowball you. And in terms of negotiation, you should always try to negotiate once you have an offer. If they won't budge on salary, then you can try asking for other benefits like more PTO.
  3. @ARH_1 I was deciding between Hunter and NYU. I really wanted to attend NYU but after doing my own research, I couldn't justify paying significantly more for NYU. I often read the "Weekly School of Social Work Thread" on the social work subreddit. The question deciding between programs has come up a lot, and current social workers say that school prestige does not exist within the field. They also say that NYC schools have access to the same field placements, which is where the majority of learning happens. I also have heard that Hunter is more selective than NYU or Columbia due to its affordability. Again, these are conclusions all based on my own research I've done over the past several months. Like the poster above mentioned, it is ultimately a personal decision. Best of luck!
  4. @SRmsw That's frustrating ? I would check my portal super often, so I'd be on their website a lot. https://sssw.hunter.cuny.edu/admissions/ In the bottom right it says "chat with us". I think that the background of that modal will turn black when someone is online answering questions. The few times I have seen someone online has been in the afternoon. It says M-Th 5-6pm, but I haven't found that to be accurate. I would also follow up on the email if you haven't heard anything by end of day! You could also probably call them. And I assume you've already asked for an extension from the other school?
  5. @Alittle_shadyAw I am sorry to hear about Columbia. It's certainly a big decision! And yes I got accepted to Hunter a few days ago; I posted my timeline in the other Hunter thread
  6. In case anyone else finds this helpful: 1/20 Submitted 2/2 Emailed to see if I needed anything else for my application to be marked as complete 2/2 Application marked as complete 2/21 Checked portal and it said "pending interview" 2/25 Emailed to see if I had to do anything and they said I will receive an email to sign up for an interview in the upcoming days 2/28 Received email to sign up for interview 3/3 Had interview 3/23 Asked admissions when I'd hear back and they said "very soon" 3/29 Heard back and was accepted! I'm very excited and relieved this process is over. Good luck to everyone else
  7. @Alittle_shady If you're interested in my two cents...I reallyy wanted to go to NYU and I scoured the internet to try and justify paying 45k more for the program (even after a generous scholarship), and I really couldn't find anything... I look a lot at the subreddit /socialwork and people there say school prestige doesn't exist in social work. Most of the learning happens at field placements, and from what I understand NYC programs have access to largely the same placements... With this information, I decided not to go to NYU Still sad about it, but I think it's the best decision for me. I am interested in going into private practice down the road and there are a lot of different post-graduate therapy trainings you can do and that costs more $$$ which is something to think about! But of course I would also encourage you to look up current students' experiences and see if you think it's worth it!
  8. @Alittle_shady Congrats on your Columbia acceptance! What's your top choice school? I obsessively check the Hunter portal.. I saw that an admissions person was on the online chat earlier this week and I asked when I can expect to hear back and they said "very soon"...
  9. @SRmsw @Alittle_shady Have you heard back yet? I'm still waiting!
  10. Hi, I had mine yesterday and it's pretty chill! I prepared by thinking about some common questions and coming up with answers. Why social work, why Hunter, etc. I didn't need to answer any of the questions, but it helped me get in the social work mindset. The facilitator asked a total of three questions, and after each question, each person in the group responded.
  11. I submitted 1/20, received an email to sign up for an interview on Monday 2/28, and have my interview tomorrow 3/3!
  12. Congratulations on your acceptance! I noticed on 2/21 my application said pending interview (didn’t receive an email). I reached out asking about the status and they said I should get an email to sign up for an interview “in the upcoming days”.
  13. I'm sorry you had that experience! That's really frustrating, I hope they get things figured out for next year. Because of the price difference of the programs in the city, I am still hoping to go to Hunter ? I applied 1/20, and my application was completed 2/2 (after emailing them). Has anyone else heard back?
  14. Do you know if there are any cons associated with waiting to accept? Does it affect field placement options?
  15. From what I understand, you should get your degree the cheapest way you can (through an accredited program). I don't know why I feel so drawn to NYU! It must be the marketing It's so expensive though. If I had gotten into Hunter by now, or thought I'd hear back soon, I'd wait it out...but I really don't know. I change my mind on a daily basis. Do you know what you're leaning towards?
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