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  1. @ARH_1 I decided to get my MSW because the flexibility of the degree. You can work in the medical field, education system, non profit or even the corporate world. I would like to have my own practice in the future. With my MSW, I will be able to explore different fields as I grow my practice on the side. I just like the wide range of roles that I can do with MSW.
  2. @ARH_1 Congrats on acceptances!! I also got into Columbia and Hunter and had the same dilemma. I was strongly considering going to Columbia because of the school’s prestige. I’m a first generation college student and I saw attending an Ivy League as a holy grail. Unfortunately, Columbia didn’t offer me a lot of scholarships. And for the two years, I would’ve taken over $80,000 loan and that’s excluding living expenses because I’m from New York City. So, if you are moving to NYC, you need to add those expenses to your loan. Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable signing up for a $80,000 loan. I even tried to reason with myself because I don’t have any student loans from undergraduate studies. Then, I thought about my personal goals like buying home and I knew that the loan will cause a big delay. The biggest reason why I chose to attend Hunter was because my salary from my first job out of the program will probably be less than the $80,000 loan that I would’ve taken out for Columbia. I contacted a few recent graduates from Columbia. I found them on Instagram and messaged them to ask about their experience and about their opinion on the program price. I got a mixture of responses. This is a very personal decision. You have to think about what makes you happy right now but also how this is going to effect future you. I hope this helps. Sorry for the really long message.
  3. @pbutter if you don’t hear back in a or two week, you should email them asking for an update. I had my interview in February and got my acceptance a few days ago. I emailed them requesting an update and the next day, someone from admissions emailed me and by the end of day, I got my acceptance.
  4. @blueberryxyz your tip of using the chat box was very helpful!! I spoke to someone yesterday and got my acceptance today! @SRmsw Congratulations on your acceptance!!
  5. @blueberryxyz omg Congratulations!!! Hopefully, I hear back soon ?
  6. @blueberryxyz I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, Columbia didn’t offer me decent scholarships. After really thinking about it paying over $80,000 for school is crazy. My goal with going to school is to secure higher paying jobs and work towards financial freedom. So, I think that with a huge student loan debt that seems impossible. I’m still waiting for Hunter ? Did you ever hear back?
  7. @blueberryxyz thank you!! Well, originally Hunter was my top choice because it’s a good program for an “affordable” prices. I never thought that I would actually get accepted to Columbia. I need to see if I get any scholarships because Columbia is crazy expensive. I’m not sure if getting into a lot of debt is worth the Columbia name in the field of social work. Im not sure what to do ?
  8. @SRmsw I haven’t received any financial aid information from Lehman. I contacted the financial aid office to ask them if I got any scholarships and they just gave me resources for loans without even looking into my account information. Very annoying ?. Still no answer from Hunter. But I did get accepted to Columbia!!! Which is very exciting. Hopefully, Columbia’s financial aid office is more helpful.
  9. @SRmsw @blueberryxyz I haven’t heard back yet. The email that I got for the interview says that I’ll hear back in 3 weeks and it’s about to be 4 weeks. It’s making me anxious because I would like to know already. I’m in the same situation, I got accepted to Lehman and I have to let them know by April 29th. I don’t know if I should ask for an extension or email Hunter asking for an update?.
  10. I had my interview last week. And it’s very chill. I mentally prepared myself to answer questions like why Hunter and why social work. But none of the questions asked were worded like that. There was 7 people in my group interview and everyone answered the same question, you have like 2 minutes to answer the question. The facilitator is not timing you, so don’t worry. The facilitator might ask you follow up questions based on your answer. One of the question was like what does social work mean to you. Also you are going to have a writing sample but you have 24 hours to submit it. Good Luck!!!
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