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  1. Gorban - You should call/email. Mine was lost in the mail. The SSW program sent theirs out around March 17!
  2. 13 is definitely enough for College Station, especially if you have roommates. I disagree about the car. It is very easy to get around without one. There is a bus system that pretty much runs 27/7 and has stop ALL around town. I know a family with two boys who gave up their car for a year and did fine biking and bus riding. The bus is also free, student or not. I spend about $100 on groceries a month and could probably go much cheaper. I usually spend 10 max at a restaurant. Research park is where most people take their dogs, it's down past West Campus. There are also plenty of city parks to consider.
  3. Just wanted to second that! Everyone told me not to expect any money, especially in my area for a masters. Thursday morning I got a call offering a tuition waiver and stipend as a GA. There is ALWAYS a chance Good luck!
  4. Anyone going to Athens, GA in the fall?
  5. It does suck. I guess I'm lucky...the program isn't asking for money. They just want an email saying I've accepted their offer. I guess I could withdraw it later....I'll see what the office says. Thanks for the replies!
  6. A few weeks ago, UGA sent me a letter that said I had until March 12th to accept their offer. I read CGS site, so I thought I was safe. Today I read some where on the boards that the April 15th deadline only applies to Phd programs? Is this really the case? It is an MSW program. I'm emailing the dept. but just thought I might get an answer here first! Thanks!
  7. Anyone headed to Columbia University in the fall?
  8. Still waiting to hear about funding here too, for an MSW program. For those of you who know your school is searching for funding, was that in your admit. letter or a separate one? My admits didn't say anything either way about funding...
  9. mai.youa.lor I'm taking you up on your offer! A few questions if you don't mind! How is NYC? Was it hard to pay for school while living in NYC? Did you have a job? How are the classes and professors? Did you start out knowing anyone in your class? Any random information you would have liked to know....the good, the bad, the ugly! Thanks!
  10. Students usually go to Northgate on the weekend. It's a small strip of bars, right across from campus. There are also movies, very popular. (With your student ID they are 3.50), going out to eat, playing ultimate frisbee....not much. Most people travel to Austin or Houston to do things, unless you just mean partying. That can do done in College Station! It is VERY conservative. Though it is a public institution, I don't think going to a Christian school would be that different. But as a graduate student you probably won't run into this as much. Just this week, a student wrote into the paper about how offended he was that it was printing articles promoting homosexuality as a lifestyle and that he chose A&M for its Christian environment. But like I said, I think this pertains mostly to undergraduates. Most of the professors/graduate students are VERY liberal. It's the students who are living in their bubbles. I've LOVED it here, but four years is more than enough, I'm ready to leave the bubble.
  11. I would love to go to Columbia, but I'm very worried about the cost of living there.
  12. I'm hoping to get a Ph.D after the masters. What are you planning to do? I'm hoping to research/teach. How did you like Columbia!? Anyway, good luck with everything.
  13. Thanks for this info. I have a March 12th deadline and my school is on this list. May I ask where it talks about April 15th on the site? TIA!
  14. Such a good question. I'm still waiting to hear about money. But it looks like I won't be able to go without it, I don't want to be in debt for the rest of my life.
  15. I submitted one in November for a Jan. 15th deadline(I thought-turns out the deadline is in April!) and the other Jan. 15th deadline I overnight two seperate packages, because I had decided not to apply but did because someone had already turned in a recommendationa and I didn't want them to have wasted their time.
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