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  1. Thanks for your replies...I'm trying not to take the evaluation personally, but it's hard to remember that even though I'm new at this, I don't have to ace it on the first try. I think the main trouble is that while I come with a structure in mind, usually in the form of a series of carefully planned questions that lead the students to the larger idea or theme, the discussion doesn't necessarily take that route. So it's not that the students are going off on tangents, but rather that the discussion doesn't seem to add up to much, which is where I'm going to work on coming in with a more ass
  2. This is my first semester TAing, a once a week discussion section for a lecture class. We're often in a museum to discuss objects as part of our discussions, and my professor came to observe one of these such recitations. The evaluation wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. He generally described a "looseness" that may lead to students not taking recitation seriously and indicated that I should structure the class more definitively, talk louder, and step in more often to impart information. I don't disagree with these critiques, but I think I had been relying on students to provide m
  3. ristastic


    Hey there, I got accepted at the grad center, but did not end up going there. If you want to PM me, I can tell you a little bit more about why not, mainly because of funding issues. Overall though, the program is a great one academically, I have a few friends there who are definitely high-caliber students. Admissions is not quite as rigorous as some of the other top programs, but that also has a lot to do with funding, in that most of their students aren't.
  4. I applied (successfully) to art history PhD programs, and I'm now at a top Ivy living the dream (ok, maybe not, but I survived the application process without self-combusting!). I have to say I totally disagree with your advice not to contact professors unless you have some earth-shattering question. I was the most successful at schools where I had meaningful contact with potential advisers, and a lot of the time they want to tell you about the program anyway, and they can be really great at identifying the strengths of the program within your/their field specifically. Truthfully, I don't
  5. I'm moving out of New York after living here for 7 years, and I will NOT miss paying through the nose for everything ($5.89 for a box of cereal!) or riding the subway every morning at rush hour!
  6. Hey all, I'm moving to Philly in the fall to start my PhD at Penn. I'm looking to get a dog, a French bulldog in particular, and I'm wondering how dog-friendly the city is. I'll probably be living in Center City, any nice dog runs? Do most places allow dogs in, etc.?
  7. ristastic

    U Penn

    Hey everyone! I accepted Penn's offer earlier this week. I'll be going for my PhD in Art History with a medieval subfield.
  8. Anyone still still waiting? I've yet to hear from Johns, my very last school, but I have a feeling it's a rejection that they're just taking forever to get out. Does anyone know if they update decision statuses on the application website?
  9. Last name begins with G, maybe you're on an unofficial waitlist or something? I'm not sure if they've notified all the admitted students yet.
  10. If anyone is waiting on Rutgers, I believe they've started posting decisions on the application status website. Mine switched over this morning. Good luck!
  11. Well, from what I've learned it really varies student to student. I know they give out some full funding packages, as in a fellowship for a certain number of years plus tuition remission, which also includes teaching appointments. Otherwise, you're basically left to fend for yourself. You can apply for adjunct teaching positions at the various CUNY schools, and if you get one of those, you get automatic tuition remission + the hourly pay for the teaching duties. These teaching jobs have to be applied for continually and are not guaranteed. I was "invited" to submit a financial aid request
  12. To my fellow CUNY-er who posted the funding decision: first of all, major congrats! Second of all, would you mind sharing any details? Was it in response to your financial aid request letter? Feel free to PM me if you want, I'm just trying to figure out CUNY's crazy funding situation so I can decide if it's an option for me.
  13. I'm still waiting on Rutgers and Johns Hopkins, anyone have any info? For those of you still waiting on Penn, I was waitlisted there in mid-Feb. and to my knowledge, all their offers have been made. They only took 6 this year!
  14. I'm on a waitlist at my top choice school, but have another offer that I'm likely to accept if I'm not accepted off said waitlist. So I'm willing to wait until April 14th!
  15. I got into CUNY as well. Congrats to you! My concentration is medieval art, though I'm not sure if I'll end up here due to the crazy funding situation.
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