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  1. Hey guys! Finally got a mail from MIT. I got In! Thanks everyone on this forum for their support and help throughout the process . All the best to everyone else who are waiting for the results!
  2. When did you get the mail from IDM team?
  3. Any news from adcom for business candidates? I got to know that someone from business cohort got accepted to the program.
  4. Did you hear back from IDM team?
  5. Any news from the IDM team? I really hope that they release results this week!
  6. Haha! I seriously started thinking the same Any guesses anyone when can we expect to hear back from them?
  7. I know someone who got an invite today for an interview next week. In April start, they sent out admits together for a bunch of people. So based on that estimate guessing that it'll be 1-2 weeks for sure.
  8. Btw, has there been news of any business cohort admits?
  9. Interview invitations are still going on, so maybe it can take 1-2 weeks more before they release the admits for business cohort ppl. P.S: Interviewed on 14th April.
  10. Has anyone from business cohort received acceptance? Or will they all come in one shot?
  11. Nothing yet. Can you share the link where someone posted acceptance?
  12. Applied to business cohort.
  13. Did you apply in business cohort? I think they took that one last and will release the results together.
  14. I had my interview yesterday, and they said that I will hear back from then in couple of weeks. There are definitely spots remaining, so hold on and have hope. How was your interview btw?
  15. Does anyone know how to reach out to the admission office on phone? I got an invite few days back for an interview this week, but haven't heard back from them for the confirmed date and time. I have sent a reminder e-mail as well. Need to reach out directly on call as the tentative dates are very close now.
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