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  1. I have a pretty good feeling that I'll be turning down my Rice wait-list, John_Duble_E.
  2. Hey, I received an email yesterday with an acceptance and a stipend offer of $13,900 over the two years. I'm not going to take it and plan on emailing the grad director when I get a chance tomorrow - hopefully that'll open up a funding spot for some others.
  3. Me too, almost! At least nominally! I'm interested in gender and queer performativity, but in early modernISM... i.e., end of the 19th and early 20th. Cited Colleen Lamos as my P.O.I.
  4. I'm currently in the wait-list purgatory for two schools I really wanna go to. It's hard not to feel gutted about it.
  5. Count me in as another waitlist. Just wondering to the other two wait-listed, what are your fields/subfields?
  6. I'm also on the wait list for English Lit. Y'all should go elsewhere, just saying.
  7. I'm not sure what it is about English majors and alcohol, but I'm glad to see I'm in good company here. Guess we all just wanna live like Hemingway and drink our days away
  8. Shame I can't press that little green plus sign more than once.
  9. I can tell you that you absolutely don't need your MA! I'm presenting at an undergraduate research conference next month at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL, this May I'll be presenting at a graduate research conference at the University of British Columbia, and I have an abstract currently under review for presentation at a graduate conference in Madrid. I still haven't even finished my BA yet and I'm presenting at a graduate research conference (they're aware of the fact I'm not actually a graduate student yet, too), and there's plenty of undergraduate conferences out there. Mo
  10. Well that would just be fantastic, but keep away from elementary schools with that one on
  11. Haha yeah, I've been doing the same this semester with a "What the hell does it matter, it's my senior year" kinda attitude. I actually had one Eng. professor ask us, after giving a lecture, "would you be able to spit that back out at me for your in class writing assignment next week?" Can you imagine?! I did my own thing anyway, but still...
  12. Samesies. Just the thought of only reading and writing about what I WANT to read and write about without having to worry about assignments in things I just don't care about and gearing papers towards letter grades instead of my own interests --- well, all that just sounds mouth-watering right now.
  13. This is AWESOME. I love nerdy chic. Thanks for sharing
  14. Cry? ...I really don't know. I've got some money saved up in the bank, so I'm planning on doing any and all of the following: a) getting a new job because the one that I'm at is slowly draining my lust for life take community college classes in French so that I can say that I have that language in my back-pocket too (I'm currently taking French 1 at my undergrad) c) going to Paris, even if only for a week or two d) keep applying to and presenting at conferences e) try harder for next year As much as I want to, there's no way I'm giving up yet, because I honestly can't imagine d
  15. Thanks, that means a lot Oh and my glasses just broke! Gotta laugh -- application season is never dull, is it?!
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