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  1. i'm declining stanford most likely - hope that helps!
  2. So is UCLA seriously not gonna give us a formal rejection notice?? I've heard nothing from them and it seems really late now.
  3. Hi I'm wondering if someone could help me out with this question. I am a Canadian coming to the USA to study. I read that Canadians don't need to apply for student visas in order to study in the States? But if my spouse is a non-Canadian/non-American citizen, would I still be allowed to bring her along as a dependent?
  4. Has anyone bought the Grad Skool Rulz ebook? Is it worth the $3? (It seems like a pretty big investment which is why I'm asking.) /sarcasm. Sorta haha. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/93455
  5. joss10

    U Penn 2013

    hey i got into upenn but i'm gonna reject the offer so that'll clear up a spot!
  6. joss10


    hey does anyone know how to work the princeton online account thing? i don't know where to go after i sign up for an account.
  7. Ah, yes, denial! I like that strategy! =) I'll go with that too.
  8. OMG there's a Berkeley admit. this is killing me.
  9. Around when are visiting days scheduled? Do different universities coordinate so that they don't clash with each other?
  10. Just submitted my last app! Woot.
  11. These next few weeks are going to be the longest of my liiiiiiife.
  12. Does anyone know if Harvard is planning on conducting interviews this year?
  13. So for Harvard, for example, if I've listed 3 established professors, should I mention Bonikowski as well or just leave him off? His research interests are very similar to mine which is why I am considering mentioning him, but he only started out very very recently. http://www.wjh.harvard.edu/soc/faculty/bonikowski/index.html
  14. That is so exciting! You must have made a good impression to have the prof reach out to you look that. Best of luck! Let us know how it goes! If it helps, just remember that professors are humans too, and the conversation should flow naturally from there. =)
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