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  1. Hey tricky, do you play hockey? apparently there is an arena pretty close to campus (full gear only). I'm debating whether to bring my stuff down.. also there appears to be a defunct caltech club team, which I would love to see revived
  2. My impression during visit day (& driving around the area) was that palo alto is mostly just suburbia with a smattering of places with gun problems (where you will be finding the sub1k apts). Stick with the dorms. Raines is nice, there are some which you share with families which are grimy and the law school dorms are beautiful.
  3. Stanford. For: the name, the campus, the diverse mix of people, the broad range of classes available, the bay area, life outside of class, club sports, proximity to ski areas Against: the name, palo alto, need to chase funding, professor/student ratio, not so sure about the labs Caltech. For: the focus, the reputation, the labs, lots of funding, pasadena, JPL, the research Against: the narrow range of subjects available, lack of diversity, LA, life (if any) outside of class Bah.. I don't know..one day on this side of the fence, one day on the other What do you think?
  4. Hahaha. Same concerns here. We'll hit up the bars together I guess. Stanford is where the social scene is really at though, visit day ended up in a pub crawl, and that was just before finals for the locals..
  5. Same here. Tough decisions ahead.. I wonder how close JPL and GALCIT actually are in terms of collaboration. That would be the deciding factor for me.
  6. MS aero astro here too!
  7. Meanwhile, at the final admissions committee meeting: Its my turn to compose the rejection messages this year! No it's my turn, you wrote them 2 years ago! Ok fine, I'll let you write a couple too.. *grumble*
  8. Sheesh..I totally feel you all. I haven't been this stressed out & moody since my last ltr breakup. I'm also finding it tough to concentrate on what's left of my degree.. It really nice to see I'm not the only one feeling that way though, and it's good to know that this type of stress is the equivalent of the common cold for grad school applicants Best of luck to everybody!
  9. Probably one of those mouse in a maze studies where the cheese is admission+aid
  10. Adcom 1: Hmm, interesting. Let's let him in. Actually let's give him a $100000/year scholarship too. Mmmm... maybe a tenure track position and a house as well. Adcom 2: And a welcome party too! Adcom 3: Yes! Adcom 1: Let's start planning his welcome party! Dean: We'll have drinks! Adcom 2: Yessir! And snacks! Lots of snacks! Am I thinking positive enough?
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