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  1. ...who blew off writing your thesis and now have to scramble to get it done before you start your PhD program in a few weeks? Or is it just me?
  2. Northwestern MTS program, Cornell MST program, University of Illinois - Chicago Communication program. I suggest you check out AOIR http://aoir.org/
  3. So you do have cancer? Or you think you might have cancer? Here's the deal with this nasty little buggar: What kind you have and how far it's progressed are going to really set the stage for the kind of treatment that is planned and how much that will affect someone's studies. The thing with cancer is, "fighting" it is really mostly just waiting. Waiting to have a test, waiting for results, waiting for treatment, waiting for more tests, etc. The point is, with all that waiting going on, the hardest part is to not let your imagination get the best of you. Because it can eat you alive.
  4. Dang Eigen! That's intense! Are you at a US school?
  5. I loves my iPad. Notetaker HD is the way to go for taking notes, editing pds's etc. It'll change the way you think about school.
  6. I love the fact that I TA for a prof who gives absolutely no oversight to what I do in my 50 minute discussions. I do the readings and go to the lectures, and from there I try to pick something interesting from the material and have the students talk about it. If there's nothing interesting in the material, then I try to come up with something that is related to it, but that is a bit controversial, so the students will have something to debate. Also, I know the prof I work for uses a lot of terms on tests, so I try to guess which terms the students should know and go over them in discussion.
  7. So, I thought I got this, but can someone tell me what (if any) differences there are between Prelims, Comps and Quals?
  8. Hi Y'all, I know I have been MIA for awhile but I just wanted to check in before I sign off for good and say thanks to everyone for the support and best of luck to those still waiting. After taking a few trips and lots and lots of debating, I made my final choice and I've released the funding that was offered to me from other schools (hopefully that will help someone here!). I hope everyone gets just what they are hoping for! Thanks again for everything. I may pop my head in from time to time, but I just wanted to reach out and sincerely show my appreciation for everyone here who I feel
  9. sputnik: ORLY?

    Ya_Rly: YA RLY

    sputnik: SRLSY?

    Ya_Rly: _____


  10. I agree with Googer, 100%. I used to compete in a judged event and we had a saying about certain elements of your performance: They won't help you win, but they can sure make you lose. That is, most applications are going to be in a certain range with GPA and GRE. Those won't help you win, but they can sure as heck knock you out of the running. (An above average score like a 1300-1400 isn't going to guarantee anything, but a combined 700 is probably going to get your application thrown out). So, all things being (basically) equal, what I am learning most through this process is that the LOR an
  11. sputnik: ORLY?

    Ya_Rly: YA RLY



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