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  1. Thanks! The deadline is May 1st. edit: Sorry! The date I first gave was wrong, but it is correct now.
  2. Accepted from the UBC wait list! I accepted another offer already, but I'll be awkwardly forfeiting that deposit. edit: I'm not on social media so I won't be joining any of the groups for incoming students. However, I've lived in Vancouver for 6 years and immigrated to Canada from the US. If anyone has questions about the city or moving across borders, definitely reach out!
  3. Still no word from McGill for me! Email or did you check your application status? I'm sure mine is coming.
  4. Same! No updates, but still in review. We'll hear soon.
  5. For those of us waiting to hear from UBC, here is how I am rationalizing it: We didn't receive an acceptance email - BAD We weren't rejected - GOOD We didn't receive a wait list email - WHAT? Based on the other programs I was admitted to (and from when I first went to grad school), admission emails typically come from our potential advisor. Unfortunately this is not coordinated well, so they are sent at various times throughout the day. So maybe the faculty member we may work with is a little behind on their emails? I hope! I'm trying to stay optimistic. Edi
  6. Congrats! Was it an automated email, or a personal message from someone in the department?
  7. I'll DM you about SFU. I just talked to a grad of the program and have some info you may be interested in.
  8. UBC is taking so long and giving me so much anxiety that I actually forgot I applied to McGill and am still waiting haha
  9. If you received a better offer (financially speaking) elsewhere, it is best to approach UofT with that information and more details about your circumstances. Note that I am not speaking from experience, but this was recommended to me by a professor. You've got nothing to lose by asking, so go for it!
  10. Not sure if it will be the same, but my other offer from SFU asked for a response within 21 days.
  11. Yeah I had previously emailed Meg before about something and she was great, and also responded right away. I heard from someone else this time. For now I only received the email. Based on how my MRM application went, we'll receive an automated email/official offer letter from the Dean. At that time the application portal updates and we have the options to accept or reject our offers. It took a few weeks to receive the official MRM offer, but I think that was because that program is very on top of things and was in touch with me about everything a long time ago (before the universit
  12. I guess I just had to be patient, because my offer came through a few minutes ago. I appreciate it wasn't an automated email as they actually mentioned many of the specifics from my application (but spelled my name wrong). Or maybe we all blew it and that's why we aren't hearing back haha
  13. I haven't received anything, but that's OK since I'll be declining this one anyways (if an offer comes through). It will be the MRM planning program at SFU or SCARP for me. Still waiting for SCARP.
  14. I've been telling myself any day now for the last few weeks!
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