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  1. I would just like to add how much waiting on Brown is also killing me!! I hope they do acceptances/rejections all at the same time and hopefully as soon as possible. Its my top choice and I seriously can't concentrate....ekkk. Good luck to all.
  2. I also want to thank whoever posted the Minnesota acceptance details. Thank you and more importantly congratulations!! Judging from past forum discussions and the results of previous years I am personally going to assume I was rejected. Still, I could be (and hopefully am) wrong. Best of all luck to everyone.
  3. hello! I was hoping that whoever received an email from the DGS from Minnesota's American Studies program could please share more information? Do you know if they already emailed everyone that was offered admission? Thank you so much.
  4. yeah! I applied and have also heard nothing. I emailed them last week and they still had not made decisions at that time. Is this a good program? I have heard its not so good for those wanting to pursue a PhD afterwards...is this true? What is the story with this MA?
  5. Has anyone heard anything new on the waitlist situation? I was waitlisted and would do anything to go to Brown.
  6. dream a little dream

  7. YES! Congratulations! I am soo happy for you!! I can't wait to hear about all the great things you do there! Ok...now can the good energy keep flowing and get me off my waitlist? Yaaay!
  8. Does it matter if you got waitlisted at your top choice and have no other admissions offers? Will that hurt your chances of moving from the waitlist into the program?
  9. I applied to USC after Nov. 1 and before Dec. 1 and I was rejected. I think its a good sign if you have not heard anything from USC. Fingers crossed for all of you still waiting to hear!! I applied to Michigan too and have heard nothing but honestly I kind of take that as a rejection.
  10. I find that closing the door to my room and dancing around and singing to crappy 90's music for a good hour helps me. We are talking middle school jams.
  11. dream catcher I called! I was expecting to be told that all decisions were out but was told that decisions were coming soon. Also that we can check online via our application which will change the minute all final decisions are made. Who knows? Just stay neutral not positive or negative about it all...if possible. good luck to everyone in the following days/weeks!
  12. Has Minnesota released all their acceptances and waitlists? Is there any way of really knowing other than calling?
  13. Hey! I am a little confused. Is the Communication Arts-Media and Cultural Studies Ph.D at UC Davis part of the Cultural Studies graduate group program or is it separate? who got in? Details please.
  14. Congratulations to whoever got in to Minnesota!! .
  15. Its a bit late in the game but I assumed they were one and the same.
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