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  1. @Swagato thanks for the info! i received the application update via email. the email then redirected me to a letter on my application. though the program looks great, it is VERY expensive and unfortunately i don't have the means to pay for it (with a lot of loans). plus, i already have hella debt from undergrad. if i have specific questions, i'll definitely PM you. thanks!
  2. hey all, thought i'd share. was just rejected from uchicago's PhD program, but accepted to the MAPH without funding.
  3. @ fanon_fanatic, @drocket thanks for your messages! i actually currently live in DC, but i'll PM both of ya!
  4. hella bummed about yale. in other news, who else was rejected from GWU's PhD program but accepted to their MA program? i'd love to chat...
  5. officially rejected from brown. still waiting on yale...
  6. @jbw, @jsoliver it looks like all of their notifications comes via postal mail... whether that be a waitlist, rejection, or acceptance. i guess we all just gotta keep waiting!
  7. @tripwillis maybe just call them and see if they've contacted students! it doesn't hurt!
  8. any word on GWU? it looks like there were some rejections... but my app currently says "under review"
  9. does anyone want to claim the wait-list post for harvard? it's interested that they were contacted via snail mail...
  10. @waitingwaiting: I don't have any insider info, but, based on past results, they should report sometime between now and the end of the month. Who knows when it'll happen? @nix: thanks for the info! that's definitely encouraging!
  11. @rjsmith: Your work sounds great! Is there a region you focus on? The Twin Cities have a really interesting queer past, so Minnesota would be great for that! (Have you read "Finding the Movement" by Anne Enke?) ? I also love Yale's program (and their AMAZING LGBT resources). It's in my top along with Minnesota, Berkeley's Rhetoric program, and Brown's Modern Culture and Media. In my own work, I look at queer and feminist theory, the Gothic, pop culture, American film and literature, memory, the avant garde, the South (sometimes), otherness, etc. Good luck to you! Yale should be reporting
  12. anyone get accepted to berkeley rhetoric on this forum? rumor has it they started calling folks on thursday.
  13. congrats eaw53! you should add your acceptance to the results survey! quick q, has your application status changed to accepted? do you know how many folks were accepted/if they've contacted everyone? thanks!
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