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  1. Hey guys, a while back I posted about possibly rooming with someone from this board, is anyone still interested in that? PM me if so! Caitlin
  2. Moxie42

    TAing advice

    And here's another helpful reply in Reddit format! http://www.reddit.com/r/LadiesofScience/comments/gvxnv/grad_school_taship/
  3. I'm in Seattle right now and can see myself living here, now I just need some funding to come through for me...
  4. Hello all! UW seems like the place I may end up, if I can secure at least a glimmer of a hope of future funding. There was another thread somewhere talking about rooming with other future grad students from this forum, would anyone be interested in that? Mmm (I feel silly saying that), you say you already dwell in the Northwest, do you know the Seattle area at all?
  5. 1. Buffy/Angel 2. Firefly 3. Six Feet Under 4. Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon but SO good) 5. Battlestar Galactica Those are my top 5, but if you're just looking for Potato Chip shows (you can't watch just one....), I'd recommend Dexter, Bones, True Blood and maybe Fringe. I've heard that's good but I haven't watched it yet.
  6. I'd check, I got the same notification saying to check 5 days later, but the notification was actually already up. Which I didn't notice until 5 days later :/
  7. Yeah, I haven't heard from ESPM yet, but wasn't called for an interview so.... anyway. Yes, I applied to the Forest Resources program at UW, though I applied for an MS (everywhere), so I can't really give you any insight on the PhD dilemma.

  8. I also applied to UC Berkeley- ESPM. still waiting for them to get around to sending my rejection. I was considering applying to U of WA- Forest resources- is that where you applied? I was told that they don't usually accept people without an MS to the PhD program.

  9. Hey there, there are few people I find on this forum studying something similar to what I want to study. I'm curious, where did you apply?

  10. I got accepted into University of Washington! Never did I think I'd see the day!

  11. I applied to the Ecology Group for my Masters and was told to check the website for the decision tomorrow (March 7th)
  12. Upvote for Hyperbole And A Half avatar
  13. Shadow saga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_works_by_Orson_Scott_Card#The_Shadow_saga For some reason it was always really hard for me to keep the order straight, so I'd maybe keep that wiki handy.
  14. When I was in high school I learned that Penn Jillette had a daughter he named Moxie Crimefighter which I thought was the COOLEST name in existence. I still kind of do. The 42 along with my avatar come from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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