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  1. yes, but then why are you taking out loans in the first place?
  2. Graduate Assistantships can be found at many schools for Masters, but yes, what field are you in?
  3. In the job I am currently in, I pay a portion of my health insurance, and the employer pays a significantly higher portion. That said, if I insured family members, my portion would rise significantly. Employers frequently foot the bill for a portion of the employee's insurance, but I have never found it to be the case that if you opt out of their plan (like when I was on my ex husband's insurance instead), that they pay you the difference, or more money at all.
  4. I don't think those 3 choices are quite adequate...my answer would have to be: [ ] moving to attend grad school closer to somebody you were in a relationship with, but there was a break up after you committed to move, and there are still strong feelings in both cases, and you have no clue what the heck is going to happen... ;-)
  5. In order to teach university, you need a terminal degree. The MFA degree is the terminal degree in Fine Arts.
  6. in most states, you need to have a teacher's certificate before you can obtain a school counselor certificate...
  7. Nothing in here screams to me that you would be a poor candidate. It is truly about fit, and readiness. I am starting after several years away from school, so I don't think that is a negative - having work experience can actually make you a stronger student in some aspects. Many programs have early deadlines, so go ahead and take that GRE now, so you can see what if anything needs to be done to improve your scores. Contact possible references, and look up the 5-10 programs you would like to apply to, and learn about their deadlines and other salient details now. Many of them have specific stats posted about what their average admissions results are. Good Luck!
  8. Awesomely funny update: the first school that I withdrew my app from, the one with the crappy skype interview, a week later they emailed me a rejection. It made me laugh very very hard. Sort of like when somebody quits, and then the boss tries to fire them. Dude, I've already quit.
  9. My program always has a cohort of 8. We all had until the 18th to reply, but were encouraged to reply sooner. So far 6 of us have, but there are two holdouts. I have no idea what good delaying to the deadline does. I instantly knew where I wanted to go, but I understand that some people feel torn in multiple directions. I am guessing that my program, like most, will release any unclaimed spots to waitlisters the day after. Hopefully yours is the same. Good luck!
  10. I hear you about it being now and not after the move. I am looking forward to throwing myself into grad school full time. It is her loss. Yeah, the gut punch feeling is subsiding, a little. I have friends trying to set me up on dates already, but honestly, forget that I'm moving soon, it's just too soon for me to even want to think about being with anybody right now. Thanks guys for all the advice. I'm a much more smiley girl today. :-)
  11. Nope, this program is perfect. I'm going there, no doubts in my mind. And yeah, 90 miles is enough that I won't have to see her if I don't want to...
  12. Um, yes. I have accepted the offer of admission, and withdrawn or turned down everything else. I've also given notice at my job already. It's not in the same town, but it is a less than 90 minute drive. So close, but not oppressively so.
  13. PsyK, thank you so much. I also believe that things happen for a reason, but it just always hurts when you give your heart to somebody, and they essentially change their mind.
  14. rainbow, thanks for taking my survey. I am so blessed to have you guys. ^_^

  15. I've been admitted to a grad program closer to my long-distance significant other, and now a few days later we have broken up. Not because of cheating or fighting or any other incompatibility issue, just crappy timing I guess. I am still planning to move to attend this amazing program, but I am also feeling dozens of bizarre emotions. Anger, loss, humiliation, confusion, deep sadness, etc. Has this ever happened to anybody else? Can anybody help me find the silver lining in all this? I haven't told many of my friends, because they will then assume I won't be moving, but that isn't the case. I've given notice at my job, and nothing is keeping me here where I am now. I just feel like I've been punched in the gut. Hard.
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